"Copy Link to this Row" broken

We (myself and many others in my team) have noticed that lately when you click on the 3 dots and select “Copy Link to this row” the URI leads us to the Main Page where the row is hosted, but doesn’t open the row itself.

We are pretty confident that this wasn’t the behaviour before so I think it’s a bug?

On the other hand, if you copy the link from the address bar in Chrome it does open the row.

Is there a way I can follow the progress on this?

Hi @Miguel_Gomez_Limmert, i can confirm that it doesn’t behave as it was at least a week ago, let’s wait for an official reply from @coda_team :slight_smile:

Hi Miguel, thanks for reporting this bug with us.

I have filed a bug in our internal tracker.
I will keep you updated on this, and I will make sure to let you know once the fix goes live .


Hello!. @Miguel_Gomez_Limmert @Mario
I’m glad to share with all of you that this bug has been fixed.