[Bug] Hyperlink() rewrites a direct link to a row for a view

As far as I know, the only way to directly link to a row in a specific view is to construct the URL to the view using RowID.

In the below example I created a table that contains both a button that links to a specific row in a Detail View of that table, allowing me to have easy navigation inside the Detail View.

However, with a button I lose the preview I get with internal links.
I initially tried Hyperlink(), but it for some reason strips out the specific row mention from the URL, forwarding and linking to the View, not the row inside the View.

Example, see how the button breadcrumb allows navigation inside the View.

Reproduction Steps

  • Create a Detail View to a Table
  • Copy the URL when a specific row is selected in that Detail View, strip the row id (last number)
  • Create a per-row View URL by Concatenate(PageViewURL, thisRow.RowId())
  • Create a Button using this URL, observe that it opens the specific row for the Detail view
  • Create a hyperlink using Hyperlink(), observe that it opens the global view and hover only mentions the global view.

Expected Behavior

I expect no parts to be stripped if I feed a URL to Hyperlink(). At worst, the preview should not work.

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For anyone concerned, I forwarded this to the support email and it has been accepted as a bug.

And I received a mail just now that the fix for this should be distributed within roughly 2 days!

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