URLs and navigating between detail rows

A quick one. It relates to a few different topics here, but I haven’t seen it directly addressed.
I have a table in a detail view.
Inside that detail view I have another table (which is just a filtered view of the same table) - and the row has a description and an edit button. I’d like the edit button to open that row in the current detail view.

So basically, we are making a menu system for the detail view that isn’t the left side menu (which is too wide for me) and also shows more information.

It looks like this (still WIP) - and you can see the “action” buttons at the bottom to select which row is viewed.
This is a filtered selection… in this case, it is showing 3 of my 4 test rows, as this project is associated with 3 items.

Anyway - currently the only way I’ve been able to get it working is brute force… using the following statement

So - I’m just copy/pasting the entire url (dangerous) and grabbing the rowID for the last digits.

And it kinda of works. In that it can function fine for a while, but then every now and then it siezes up, and I get a message looking like this :

And things stop working…

It can right itself after apple-r refresh - but sometimes doesn’t. It’s quite strange.

I’m gathering there is a better way forward, but try as I might I can’t figure it out. I’ve read thru this topic, but didn’t manage to help…

I’m guessing there’s a far better / more robust way to achieve this? Any ideas?

And a bonus second question.
This is all in an attempt to make things more “app” like.
I have two different forms of budget items. One is fee based (fixed fees or expenses) and on is based on hours/time.
I’d really like to be able to have a DIFFERENT display table depending on which type of budget item the current budget row is.
I’m thinking - setup two different table views, each with their own display layout. Then we can use different URL sections in order to target the needed table view. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to do?

Is there a post any-where that breaks down URL’s for coda and navigation between different tables etc?

Cheers! Brendan.

And in true coda fashion, I think I’ve figured it out… after reading more help pages, finding a couple other great posts, and just mucking around.

Both posts are answered and work.

I’ve done it this way.

I’ve created a new column which creates the URL - picking the correct table view with a very simple if statement. Setting two different display views using two different table views was also easy.

The formula I used seems to not have the same problems as just copy/pasting as I did above. The formula is:

Then I just open that URL with my little Edit Button using the “open hyperlink” action.

Simple once I sat down and thought about it for about the fifth time! :slight_smile:

And finally - you can see what I’ve done with a little gif. (Does anyone know how to make a gif 1/4 size? The res of this one is a bit big - apologies. This is new to me!)

This is all just mocked up - it is NOT beautified… but have started to get a decent button based navigation system working. LOADS of formatting still needed - but it does show something of a cool possibility.

So, you figured it out? No need to dig in? :slight_smile:

Looks very impressive @Brendan_Woithe, and I’m glad you’ve been able to figure so much on your own! But also very complicated and obviously a lot of sections. Which makes me wonder if that all is actually necessary, or at some point in the past there was a good moment to stop but you just kept adding things :slight_smile:

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Hey @Paul_Danyliuk
I think I figured it out :wink:
Like so many of these things, I’m just fumbling along as best I can.
I guess I’m running CLOSE to the edge of complexity for a system like Coda.
But I’m definitely getting there with building out the app that essentially runs our entire business. Like many small businesses, too much info is held in the heads of only a few key people. The aim of the system is to get all the info out of heads and onto paper so if anyone is unable to work, the jobs can continue. Info is there for freelancers, and more work can happen remotely (which has even taken on new meaning during Covid!)

All the sections on the left are NOT in the final doc… there’s a tonne of tests / things that I’ve abandoned / things I’m trying. You should see the paper drawings I’ve done of a bunch of it - they often become the main thing I refer back to when trying to implement a new section/feature.

One day I’ll finish. I’ve got two important features to finish (budgeting and invoicing), one to fix and then its all about just cleaning up / trying to document everything. I might even share some of that documentation with others here. I think it really IS possible to use CODA for something this complex - although I wish I had the time to finish it BEFORE we started using it, but thats another story.

Oh - and second half of the year - I’m going to try and figure out how to “archive” projects in the system to remove old / un-needed data, and just save the little bits we need to keep long term. I’ve already seen slow-downs on some tables because they’re getting quite large. Perhaps I’ll copy all data into google sheets or something.

So long story short - yeah, I think i’ve figured it out. And yes, it was another of your threads / helping someone else that’s helped me.