How to create button to go to next row?

Now that I have buttons to go to related rows:

How do I create a button to go to the next row? (Or previous row, or first or last row.)

I’m on a view that only displays the one selected row. Is there a GetNextRecord function? I can’t find one.

– Maria

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Was there ever a conclusion to this inquiry? I have ran in to similar need to take user from one record : one display view to the next record. Using a button would be nice.

Hi Alexander

Welcome to Coda!

The short answer is that there is not a straightforward way to go from row to another. It will depend on the way that the table is sorted, filtered, and so on.

If you provide a little bit more detail about your requirement, then somebody in the community is bound to have some ideas.

For example, do you always go from row A to row D? Or do you just want to enable the person to scroll though the table?
In the first example, you could add a column that establishes a permanent link from A to D.
In the second, you could change the view of the table to the “detail view”. Then you will have a view where a list of the rows is down the left, and on the right you will have a (configurable) detail view of the row that was selected from the list on the left.


Hi Piet )
For me this is also a problem.
For example, I’d like to be able to create a form for a quiz where, when we click on an answer, we would go to another question (row).
For example, if you make a detailed display and make navigation at the bottom, this is what I need, if when you click on the buttons, there will be a line-by-line transition just like in the coda itself (underlined in the picture).
Thank you)