How to make button show the rows one by one

Hello there, hope you`re well.

I have two pages in my coda doc. There`s the table on one page, I want to have second clear with one button only. Every time I press the button one of the rows from the table appears. Press again - next row appears one by one.

Time ago there was a section with examples with the game where flags of the countries were changing one you push the button. I can not find the game after design changed but need advice on the how to code this kind of scenario.

Anybody? Please.

Welcome to the community @Alexey_Demin

I assume you are searching for this doc:

:bulb*:It would be helpful if you could share a dummy doc, so some community member could try to assist you.*

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Thank you so much Jean_Pierre, you made my day. This is it exactly.

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