Button clears my row when the table it's in has more than one row

Hey folks - I’m very new to coda and trying to figure out something that feels incredibly simple.

I have a doc here where I made a simple button just to test things out. It’s just supposed to change the index of the row it’s in.

it works as expected when there’s only one row in the table - but if there are 2+ rows, pushing the button will null the field of the row it was pushed in. I would have expected given it’s defined as acting on “thisRow” that it would just subtract from the row it’s in only … but it seems to break.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

The way you’ve shared (published) the doc, I can’t push the button or see the code to help.

@Johg_Ananda thanks for taking a look! I’m not honestly sure how to share correctly.

I unpublished, and went to share dialog and made sure “anyone with the link can edit” … hopefully that works?

OK we’re getting closer! That worked and I can see the document. However in your original post:

The doc you shared only has one row. Can you set it up, and explain how to create the condition? A gif like the one I made is ideal if possible!

Ok cool! I’ll get back you ASAP; I assume coda doesn’t have a gif recording feature though? I may have some software on my computer that does that though.

ah - I figured it out! the way that I had defined the formula on the button, the action wasn’t being applied on just the singular row - it was applying to the others as well. all set! Thanks for having a look all the same :slight_smile:

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