Delete Button -> crash

I have a “People” table and one of the columns is a button to delete the current row.

Works great in table view.

However, if I open the Details view for that row and push the delete button, Coda crashes…

I’m guessing it has something to do with the open detail view no longer pointing to a record… but why not just close the detail window…

Hi @Jan_Bouten_Jr , thanks for reaching out here in the Community! Sorry to see that you’re having some issues with your doc crashing. Would you mind sharing your doc with the team so we can take a look at it?

Since you’re not able to load your doc, you’ll have to share it with us through the share menu on your doc list here: You’ll want to make sure you click the “…”, then select the vertical lines to the left of the “X”. Next, toggle the “Share with Coda Support” button on.

Once that’s done, just send us the link to your doc here :+1: If you’re unable to publicly share your doc in the Community, please send us a message at or click the :question: in the bottom right corner of your screen when viewing your Coda dashboard.

Shaina - I rebuilt the app from scratch from some of the learning I had done building this one and the re-build functions as expected.

Not sure what happened…

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@Jan_Bouten - Glad to hear you got things working properly! Happy building and learning :smile:

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