Fine-tuning “Delete row everywhere”

“Delete row everywhere” is a bit scary.

If the row isn’t referred to from any other part of the document, changing the text to “Delete row” would be reassuring.

Also, if the row is referred to from other parts of the document, maybe a (shortened) list of them would be nice; e.g.: in a “People” table that is lookuped from “Friends”, “People waiting for a reply” and some other tables, the menu text could be: “Delete row from everywhere (Friends, People waiting for a reply…)”, or “Delete row…” and then a pop-up would show all affected entries.

Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll bring this up with the team. Views for tables has been a pretty new concept for most people trying out Coda, so it’s one of those reminders that the same information may be deleted elsewhere in the doc as well. But you’re right, it doesn’t let you know where, which could be helpful…and less scary.


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