Confirmation when the Delete key is hit on a table row

Today, while I thought I had Outlook focused, I hit my Delete key with the intention of deleting an email. I actually had Coda focused on a table though, and because I had grouping enabled, I deleted 25 table rows as a result.

Luckily, I noticed this and Ctrl+Z got them all back. However, if I hadn’t noticed the deletion in that moment, the data might not have been recoverable—and I’ve also since found (and had to manually re-enter) some missing groups I’m sure I’ve previously entered.

Obviously the main problem here was user error, but the fact that 25-ish rows can be deleted with a single keystroke (and no ability to enable confirmation) seems like an unfortunate UX.

I’d love a setting along the lines of “ask for confirmation when deleting table rows” and/or “ask for confirmation when deleting multiple table/rows”.

I can’t justify a Team plan at this time to lock table row deletions.


Agreed! Way too easy to delete something and not catch it.

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This is a great suggestion !

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Very much agree with this!