Prevent deleting rows

Dear Codans,

This has been asked before, but I feel it is more necessary than ever before to create this topic once more. Coda has been around for a couple of years now and for many people it has become a very important tool to run a lot of their daily business (or private lives). Coda is promoted as a collaboration tool and I agree it is - and I am using it that way, just like so many other people.

But it is kind of scary to see how easy it is to corrupt your data. Through version control a lot can be recovered…if you happen to know you have a problem, which might be weeks or months later, or never.

I am asking you, no begging you, to add a control to page locking. Please add the control ‘delete rows’, which should prevent these two things: selecting one or more rows and deleting them by hitting the keyboard delete or right clicking on a row and select ‘delete row everywhere’. Deleting a row with a button that is programmed to do so is fine (and necessary), but accidental deletes or deletes by unauthorized users can be catastrophic. We can make buttons available or active for some users and not for other users or build separate views with and without the ‘delete’ buttons, but the current situation makes it way to easy to delete rows.

Speaking of this matter: it would not hurt my feelings if the option to delete a doc from inside a doc would not be available at all, but that is a for a different post.

Please make it safe to use Coda to run our business!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Greetings, Joost


I’ve probably been one of the more vocal ones about this so I should be quiet, but I can’t help myself :slight_smile:.

The new editor and packs are great and I understand the value of catching up to Notion in the editor department and leapfrogging competition in others, but part of me is worrying that Coda is in continuous beta mode. I feel like Coda needs to address this row deletion and other often cited issues related to existing or core functionality to give off that top-tier software vibe.

I understand we are not privy to the full picture in terms of aligning prioritization of things like this with overall strategy, and that there are different teams working on different components, but it would be great to get some visibility on issues like this from the Codan perspective.


I second that 100%!

Now that we have so many useful things in Coda it really is time to get some of the less visible but oh so important things taken care of. This one is pretty major, but a print/pdf functions as a button action are absolutely necessary: half of my users can’t realize a decent pdf from my (sub)pages because the option is hidden - and I want to preset size, subpages and orientation for them.

There are a few more very urgent issues (like authorizations to name one) and I really think Coda is loosing (potential) users by not solving these things first.

I don’t have so much the beta feeling, but it is definitely not finished and many of us need a few things taken care of rather sooner than later.


Agree with the sentiment listed so far.
I’ve lost a bunch of time recently to people accidentally deleting rows and sometimes whole sections of rows (selecting a whole section and pressing backspace key).
The history view is good to read but my only option is to copy the whole lot and replace breaking all my table links and automation.
This isn’t good enough for Coda.
We need a decent permission model and a way to disable deleting by table section (which should be the default ideally).

yes i agree! i would like to add to this sentiment as well! I have a recent data of an important client being deleted. i was lucky enough to have found it! Please coda! add this feature! i have feedback to the Support Team 6-12 months ago, and their suggested work around (to pre-create rows of data first) was completed unworkable for my own workflow. Only a dedicated “add rows Only, NO delete” User/editor rights will right the wrong we face ):

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This has been addressed a little while ago and it is working rather nice.

I can imagine some people would like this option on a table level rather than on a page level, but that should be asked for in a new suggestion.

I am going to close this topic.