How to restore deleted row from table


One of my team member delete some rows from table by mistake how we get those row again please guide.

Hi, @Suresh_Kumar_Sr_Manager-IT_HO

Maybe u can restore your doc from the history.




This doesn’t help you right now, but a pattern I use sometimes is a Trash button.

  • You make two columns: a Trash column (button), a hidden Trashed? column (checkbox).
  • You set it up so that when the Trash button is clicked, it sets thisRow’s Trashed? column to true.
  • You filter all your main views to only show Trashed? = false.

Providing this functionality to users encourages them to use the button instead of right click -> delete row everywhere. And you can always recover a row by un-checking.

Now if only we can get the Coda team to add a locking setting that prevents row deletes, while still allowing row edits… :wink:


Great tip with the trash button!

I’ll also go ahead and add your vote to the feature request of an additional doc locking option for “prevent deletion of rows”. Thanks for the feedback! :pray: