Info about "Restore row" features

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Does anyone knows how the “Restore row” features works?
It appear when hovering above a deleted reference from another table, i’ll explain why i’m interest about this:
I’m designing a backup/import function for users data (meaning that every user have 3/4 tables with multiple columns, in my case those store pets, recipes and other related data, that want to save as a local backup).
Because of coda missing .csv export (much needed) i’m obligated to turn tables into text (doing that manually for 150+ column is not practical btw, i’ve not found a way to turn tables into csv-like text without concatenating and joining the multiple columns, i really need advice on that!)
Anyway, in this way i get, if everything goes as planned, a pure text containing all the user data, and that’s ok, one can just copy it or i can send that periodically by email.
Apart for one aspect…referenced table will not automatically “catch” their link, and this is why (i think) row id’s are different, so coda manages those as different rows
Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 20.26.31
I’ll explain this better, the screenshot show a recipe made for my dog Laika, contained in the “recipes” table, this table store the recipe information, like pet name.
I’ve made a select list with all my pets, where i select the dog who the recipe is for (“Laika”).
If i delete the “Laika” row on the “pets” table, the reference broke itself (correctly)
If i add that row again (with copy and paste) the reference is not re-built.
In this way i’m not able to export and import data (i would prefer not to recreate the link, like search in the table “pets” if exist “Laika”, chose it. in this way the reference work again but doesnt seems an elegant solution for me…)


This popup appeared, if i press this button the deleted “Laika” row turn back in his place and everything start working again, that’s magic!
But, i want to know how this work! Does that remain for some hours? for ever? Can this be done with a formula? like “restore all broken rows”, THAT would be an amazing feature!

Please Codan’s tell me more! :smiley:

P.s. Please, if you have ideas to turn huge tables into csv pseudo-automatically, or without Scripts, or any other backup and restore ideas, tell me those! :smiley:
Extra: i would love to just tell users “filter the tables with your user and then just copy those somewhere safe” but i’m sure lot of Makers have the same situation, so all together we can find a better solution! :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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There is a lot here. I’ll comment on one thing. The easiest way to export to CSV is to copy and past the data into excel. It won’t copy formulas, but a CSV won’t do that anyway. I highlight the first column by clicking the title, then shift-click the title of the last column. That will select your entire table, with headings.