Reference a deleted row

Part of my doc hygiene is to archive rows out of my working doc so it stays snappy and under any Coda row limits. Part of this process is Crossdoc rows out into the backup doc and then delete them in the original. However sometimes other tables will reference the deleted row. In this case I have a row that was called 'Coda Updates/builds' and it was deleted:

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.36.21 PM

The table that was looking it up still shows it as such, with the dotted line. Any row that references it gets the red corner / error indicator:

Is there any way to extract out the text from the deleted reference ala totext()? While it won’t fix everything that could break from the deref, it would allow a lot to still work … and the data is clearly still in the original doc.

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That’s a remnant and I wouldn’t fully rely on it. We put it there to give a hint of where the disconnect might be, to show that something was there before and isn’t there now.

For your archiving, there might be a way to write the text values to your archived rows, or just use text values to begin with.


Hmm writing a text value is an interesting approach I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for that.

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