Deleted rows are "ghosts" on referenced tables

Ok how does one get rid of “ghosts”? I have a tracking table and an order table. The Orders reference the tracking table. Sometimes Amazon ships multiple orders together in one shipment. When inputting my shipping numbers I sometimes don’t notice that I already have the tracking number and I input it again and wind up with TWO tracking numbers that are identical. So I go and delete one of them and then reference the first one in my orders. BUT…when I do this I wind up with 1 tracking number that is correct and 1 tracking number that has a dotted line around it and is deleted and Coda keeps suggesting I recover it.

I don’t want to recover it. If I deleted it I want it gone in all references. No matter how I remove it and delete it, it seems to create this ghost and I cannot get rid of these.

Does anyone know how to remove these ghost references to deleted rows?

It also causes my button not to function as the ghost now shows up when I use a formula to check for isblank() on the table.

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Hello @Susan_M_Davis!

Instead of using the isblank() formula I use the next formula to know if indeed exists in the table.

[Order Column].Contains([Order Table])

Using the inverse of this formula and adding an IsNotBlank() you could filter your table and get rid of these pesky “ghost” references.

[Order Column].IsNotBlank and [Order Column].Contains([Order Table]).not()

I hope this helps

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