Moving item to new table but keeping links

Ok. I have a document that is getting larger so I’m trying to condense things a bit. I have a plan but I’m stuck on exeuction.

I have a table tracking shipments via tracking number. I have a table with orders that links to that table.

So basically:

Orders table
order, items, date, bunch of details, tracking number (being pulled from another table)

Tracking table
tracking number, link back to order, columns with fed ex, usps, and ups packs pulling in data, lots of other stuff

Because it is taking far too long for the UPS, FedEx and USPS data to update any time I open the document or make changes I’m trying to remove the tracking items that have been received and move that data to another table that doesn’t have the columns for UPS, FedEx and USPS that way only outstanding tracking items will be looked up when the pack updates.

Here’s where I’m stuck and I’m brain dead today so I’m not figuring out the problem.

I can easily make a button or an automation to make a copy of the data from the TRACKING table to the new CLOSED tracking table that will only keep basic information for historical purposes. That’s easy.

But when I add the new row, the field for Orders that is a formula looking for orders where this row tracking number is contained it DOES NOT WORK.

The issue is in the link you are storing basically a reference to a row in a table so just copying the NUMBER of the tracking item and pasting that into the new table you no longer are referencing apples to apples but referencing a row to the text in the row.

So what i need to do is update the ODER table after I create the new row in the COMPLETED table for tracking and then reference this NEW row in the NEW table then I can delete the row in the original tracking table.

I’m not quite sure how to do that. Also, any item that is currently in transit would need to point to the tracking table but any item that is received would need to point to the new table.

I don’t have time to recreate all this in another document to share and I cannot share my document because of all the sensitiive information stored in it.

So I just need the general how to make this work best practice.