Question about Adding New Rows with Button


I need a bit of help, cant quite figure out how to set-up this (or if its possible at all).

I have 2 tables that I made quickly to illustrate this.
In first table we track sales with all the standard columns and information but also this small addition on picture where we want to track machines that are involved in their project and quantity.
Untitled picture

Second table is kind of support table where we enter model of machine and quantity and I have display column as formula which use concatenate() to put this 2 information together and display it in sales table.
Untitled picture 2

In the Sales table (first picture) we have button that adds new row in 2nd table where user can choose model and quantity (open row for editing option), and that information is automatically stored in Machines column (auto linked with Results Column option).
That would be perfect if we only had one type of machine per “Sales Project”, but since there can be multiple we couldn’t figure out how to setup button to keep previous link, and just add new one. Instead it adds new row but link is overwritten with newest one.
We need it to be like this (and then keep adding new ones if needed):
Untitled picture 3

But the older link is always overwritten with new one, although we allowed for multiple links in linked field settings. Is there a way to configure button or some other workaround to keep previous value and add new.

Hi @Marko_Petrovic,
would it be possible to have a working example to better figure out your needs?

It’s not full understandable to me the expected - but failing - behaviour.

Thank you!

Hi @Marko_Petrovic,

You will need to have an ID column in table 2 as well as a reference point. I am assuming each ID refers to a single project and will have several machines, so the support table is a master list with all the data in individual rows. Take a look and see if this solves your problem.

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