RunActions to add linked rows in two tables

I have a button that add a new row to a table_1, and I need the same button to add a new row in table_2 referencing the row just created in table_1.

I tried to use RunActions but can’t find a reference for the first created row in Table_1 to use it while adding a new row in table_2 .

How can I do that?

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Hi @Mohamed_Essam,

You can do it like this.

In your AddRow formula, where you set the lookup column for the new row in table_2, put the AddRow math here instead.

In my example the column looking at table_2 is called T2.


What it will do is create the row in table_2 and automatically reference it as the lookup for the column value.

This can be useful in other situations. For example, create a lookup field somewhere on a blank page that references a table, then use SetControlValue in conjunction with AddRow to both set the lookup as it creates the row. This control can then be referenced multiple times throughout the code whenever you need to look at the most recently created row.

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