Action formulas

a bit of a newbie here. I have a table (table 1) with a column that has a button, that button creates a row in another table (table 2), I would then like to link that new row into a lookup field back in the first table (table 1). How would you achieve this?

If table 2 has a lookup column for choosing something from table 1, you can handle this as part of making the row. You would specify that column “Lookup to table 1” has a value of “thisRow”. Example:

Thanks Nick I guess that makes sense. I have the lookup table in table 1 where the button is as I want to see a table of filtered table 2 data in the table 1 row

I’ll have a play and see if it gives me what I want

Thanks Nick I got that to work, its quite nice how that works.


Note that if you ever want to see the relationship in the other direction, you can have a column that shows places where this row was referenced in another table.

So inside whatever table is being referenced, you can go New Column > Lookup > Referenced By

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