Add Row button in Parent table to link to child table

I have a Parent table with a one-to-many Child table. The Parent table has a Button column to add a row to the Child table. When I use the button to add a Child row, the row is not linked to the Parent row.


How do you want to establish the link between the two tables? Via lookup column, or through a filter formula?

Good question - I don’t know. What are the pros and cons?

Raising this question again. Help?

Hi @Craig_PaxsonTN,

You can use a relationship column in the child table pointing to the parent row.

This can be set when the child row is created using AddRow.

AddRow( child table, relationship column, thisRow )

Where it is thisRow, it is referring to the Parent row from which you pressed the button and therefore making the relationship between the two.

This is similar to another forum post I helped with. Please view it here for a practical example: Create a row and reference it at the same button press - #2 by Dale_Cowling

I hope that this helps.

All the best.


Apologies, missed this.

The filter formula will take a value in the row, and look for entries in a table where that value also appears in a column.

The lookup/ now relation column type, allows you to select entries from a list based upon entries in the other. So basically a predefined checklist.


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