Add button to modify another table B by matching lookup column (row) on table A

I have two table A and B
supposed table A have Apple with Status (select list) Yes, No.

I create tabe B and lookup Apple and linked lookup select list.

I want to create button on table B to modify status in Table A so that Table status is also modified accordingly.

Is this possible? and how to do it. thanks

Is this what you’re looking for? I’ve demonstrated 2 ways to do it.

The first is with the button triggering a modifyRows() formula.

  • First you tell it what row you want to modify. The row you want to modify is “something from Table A” (which row?) “filter to just a row that is the same data as Column 1 of the row I’m pushing the button from”
  • Then you tell it what column to modify (“status”)
  • Then you tell it the value it should be (yes/no)

The second is simpler formula-wise. It puts the buttons on the first table, and then brings them into table B as related columns to the lookup column.

Does this make sense?

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