Modify a single row by pressing a button in another table

Envision two tables:
One has companies
One has proposals

I’d like a button that checks off that the proposal was accepted in the company table to that company’s specific row.

The proposal table has a lookup for companies, so I have that matching data between the two. I just don’t know how to configure the button to find that specific row without modifying all rows.

Is this possible?

You have to add a formula to the button. Assuming you have a checkbox for Accepted, the formula would be something like this:


Related case:

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The linked formula works in one case, but not in another. Any chance you could tell me what the formula is doing so I can debug. I’ve tried any things, but can’t get it to work.

Both tables have related data, ie, the company name. I’m trying to send a due date from one table to the other:

thisRow.Company.FormulaMap(CurrentValue.Modifyrows( TargetTable.duedate, originalduedate ))

Both tables also share other data, like an ID, but wont work targeting that column either…

I assumed your lookup was a Lookup Column, if it’s a lookup formula then it wouldn’t work.

Also you only need FormulaMap if you have a list of companies on the same cell.

It’s hard to tell anything else without seeing how your doc is set up, but here’s a small example of how you could approach this: