Update another table on button press

I haven’t been able to find this yet so obligatory apology if it’s elsewhere. I have a table that will serve as a place for users to enter a variety of inventory information (putaway table) I’d like a button that will take all rows and write them to the appropriate table in the correct place based on one of the pieces put in. SO, Example:

Putaway Table Header: Value
Category: Retired
Location: R-84
Qty: 50
UPC: 546878465464

Locations Header: Value
Location: (Already has the location R-84)
Items: (Need to update this with SKU from the putaway table on the row that has R-84) (where Locations.location == Putaway.location)
Category (Update with data from putaway table on appropriate row (where Locations.location == Putaway.location)


I can’t get it to work on a single row, so we’ll start there, but I’d LOVE if I could set up a button that does it on each row in the putaway table.

Hi @Cameron_Burt, the way to do this is to create a Button on a Column in the table and then a button outside the table that pushes all the buttons.

Can you take a look at this example and see if it helps -

Thank you for your response. Sadly, it’s not exactly what I need. I’d like to update a row, rather than add a new row. So, on the master inventory table, if a location that’s been entered on the putaway table is there, (which it always should be), it will modify the row on the master inventory table. However, thank you for showing me how to use one button to kick off many buttons as that is the second part and will be useful once I can figure out the formula to filter and modify the appropriate row.