Using a button to add a table to another

Hello there,

I am fairly new to Coda and ran into my first brainteaser, so I was wondering if anyone had a workaround for my situation :upside_down_face:

I am trying to make a button to help me add values from Table1 to Table2 which is identical (I want to manually add new values to Table1, and using the button would add them all to the values of Table2).

However, I couldn’t find the proper way to do it with a button, so I created a third table in order to do the following:

Table1 -> Table3 -> Button -> Table2

empty as it needs to be updated weekly with new values from market.

The table with all-time totals to which new values need to be added.


Temp table with a formula to add Table1 to it.

Then once Table1&3 are completed, there is this button to press:

But I only found out how to make a formula for a single cell… Which is why I am here now as I’d like to make this work for the whole table…


Thank you for your time!

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is this what you are trying to do?
The button will add the column 2 amount in [Table 1] to the column 2 amount in [Table 2] where the column 1 values are the same.

That is it !
Thanks a lot Joshua, I had to adapt the formula to make it do all columns but this is definitely what i was looking for. I think I was stuck because when a button is outside a table you can’t seem to be able to use “thisrow”.

Thanks again :pray:

Glad that helped :smiley:.