Modify Row Button Based on Unique ID

Hi Coda Fam
I have two tables. Each row in Table 1 possesses a unique ID. Each row in Table 1 has the ability to create a row in Table 2 that contains that ID. I am trying to add a button to each row in Table 1 that modifies the row in Table 2 that shares the same ID but have not been able to figure it out. Here is what I have tried-

Add Button
Action- ‘Modify Rows’
Table- ‘Table 2’
Apply To- ‘Custom Filter’
Customer Filter- ‘Lookup([Table 2],[ID],Table 1.thisRow.[ID] )’

I also tried
Custom Filter- '[Table 2].Filter([ID]=thisRow.[ID])

Any thoughts?

Hello Matthew,

Take a look at this, thanks!


This is perfect! Way easier than I was trying. Thanks!