Update row status via button click

Hi everyone!

I’m looking to build a push button that will activate two buttons but one part isn’t working as intended and I can’t work out why.

Button one
Button one selects a row and takes the email address from a column and sends them a pre made coda page with details from the row. This button is currently working as intended

Button two
I want button two to pair with button one and once the email is sent update the status on that specific row to ‘Sent’.

How i’ve been trying to do it so far
I’ve been trying to use the ‘modify rows’ button to filter the table via the same formula as the button one selection and then update the status. The preview of the custom filter is showing the correct entry in the table but once I press the button it still updates all the rows in the table.

Any ideas why this isn’t working?

Hi @Scott_Stephens :blush: !

I’m not sure but I think you might be missing a condition for the custom filter to work :thinking:
This just returns a row reference where you would need something returning true or false to actually pin-point the row you wish to modify …

(I only create “formula written” buttons so I can’t be more precise than this :innocent: )

Thanks for your response :smiley: I think you’re right.

I think the issue is i’m picking the row via a multi select button in a separate page which is powering the first button successfully but it won’t do the same for the status update button.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to filter via that selection button so going to have to think of another way to do it.

If you can share a sample doc @Scott_Stephens, maybe someone could help you figuring out something that would work for you :blush: .

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