Copying rows from table to table via button

Hey doc makers!

I’ve been pulling my hair out on this one (I’m still a beginner!): Simple concept, I have blog articles in a “Draft” table that I would like to copy to a “Published” table via a button.

The “Published” table needs to be its own instance, as opposed to a filtered view of “Draft”.

I used this reference article to try and replicate the same formula concept in my button, but am getting an “unexpected error” when executing the action.

Not sure what is at play here. Was hoping more experienced users may know how to do this??

Thank you!!!

HI there Derek,

We all started at the beginning, somebody helped us, and now we help in turn.

I have created a button in your doc that works. (I did the first two fields.) I used the add row function on the button, rather than trying to create the formula. I do not know CODA well enough yet to know whether the formula approach will work.

But I am lazy, so always follow the easiest way… :wink:

Let us know if any further questions.