How to Update the status Column when Project name is matched?

It seems to be easy workaround but for some reason its not working for me.

I want to update the status column using formula when I click on the Send button.

But unfortunately its not working for me. Please suggest me the formula which will work with Modify rows on custom filter.


Hey there!

Can you give any more information on what the “Message Update” button is doing? Or what formulas you have already tried? You could also share a copy of the doc with me and happy to help!

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Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir
Thanks for the help. When I click on Send button I want to update the status from WIP to WFF for the table name - All projects New.

I am using a button with update row option and formula I am using is

this.row = Projectname

Same formula worked in other document but not here. I will see if I can share this but there is a lot of data.

Hey there @Tanuj_Verma

It would be hard without seeing an example to see how everything is connected, but I would do something like this

Let me know if that gives you direction! Happy to help some more or jump on a quick zoom call to help you trouble shoot.

I agree it should be similar. Anyhow I will make a copy of the document for you to test this.

@Tanuj_Verma sounds good! Send it my way -

Also I posted with two different account above but they are both me! This account is a better one to send the document to

Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir

Thanks for all your help!

Hey @Tanuj_Verma !

Just sent you a message with a working document link! Sent it there because it looked like your document still had some potentially private info in it. . .Just wanted to be safe!

Take a look and let me know if you have any other questions/clarifications

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I made a copy of this. So, you can edit this document.

Hey @Tanuj_Verma,

Thanks for making the copy! - but unfortunately there were some hidden tables with pages that included live/real/potentially sensitive information with screenshots, links, contact info, names, etc.

I cannot edit your above post with the document, but I would recommend taking it down if you are worried about that info! Im happy to erase the document from my profile as well if you want to share a new copy?

Let me know! Happy to help just want to make sure your data stays yours!

Either way - the link I sent you via message has the working solution for right now.

Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir
Thanks a lot for all your help. Really appreciate this.