Adding Row in Linked Table


Hey team-

I’ve been encountering this a lot recently. We use a linked sub-table to keep track of actions associated with a particular project, and our table is (thankfully?) big.

Too big, in fact! I find that I have to scroll up and back in the course of adding data to reference numbers and information. It would be great if I could add a linked row inside the row to which I am linking. In visual form:

I would love if there were a button or way to add a row in the subtable from the parent/linking table (i.e. in “completed” or “pending” actions column). It would cut a lot of time from data entry for us.

Anyone else linking and displaying like this?


Hi @chris_homburger

I’m not sure I understand…

What do you mean by “adding a linked row inside the row to which you are linking”?


@cnr, great question.

I’m using Coda in this instance to track actions taken on a particular project. The actions tend to bucket themselves and I would like to see how often I am doing what per project, etc. Originally, I had a running list of actions in a text field for each project (bulleted list). This was not efficient.

Instead, we built a second table where each row is an action taken on a project. The action table looks up the project ID. Since our main view is the projects, we use this formula to pull all actions into a cell on a project (shout out to @evan for his help putting it together):

=[Actions Table].lookup(Project, thisRow).filter(Complete=true).sort(false, [Date Taken]).BulletedList()

This shows the completed actions for each project in a cell. Handily, they are all projections as well, so you can dive in and edit. Here’s a screenshot of the projects table in action: 13%20PM

Hope that helps clarify!