Link to a row, but with a nice "card" display

Hey all!

One of the things I use Coda for, is to make minutes of meetings. And quite often, there are follow-up actions that needs to be done, and I summarize them in a very basic table (name of the action, description of this action, who is responsible for it, status in progress / done, when was it logged).

But then, a second meeting happens, and I have other actions to add. So now I have a page that sums-up all the actions (my table), and sub-pages that have text (meeting minutes), and within this text I have a link to the action. To do so I just type “=”, and then in the formula pop-up, I type “@” and find back my action in the suggestion list. The action is perfectly referenced and a click opens the row in modal mode with all additional information. But it’s not vert aesthetic: “@send a mock-up to validate graphic charter” is all I get as a display within the meeting minutes.

What I’d like is to have something that looks like a card, so that I can display right away who has to do it, and maybe additional columns such as urgency or whatever. To do so, I could create many views of the table within the minutes text, and filter for each view to display only the one action I need.

My question: is there a clean and nice way to do that? Shortcuts? Templates?

Thanks, and merry Christmas to you all!

Hi Laurent,

You can try out this doc:

It creates a meeting as a special action item in the action item list. The meeting column is a canvas, which includes a view of the action items table, filtered to your meeting. You can then add action items to this list.

You can then filter the action items list in various ways - just the meetings - all action items, action items per meeting, action items per action item responsible person, etc.


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hey Piet,

thanks for your answer and your doc.
I may not have been clear enough in my question though: I’m not looking for a data model or structure, but really just the Coda way to display a link to a row with more info than just the content of the “display” column with an @ before.

ie => I want to display a card instead of a @ link, and I was hoping there was a simpler way than to create a filtered view of a table each time I want to link to a single element of that table.

Best wishes,


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