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Hi, I have a table of projects, with details about each project (client, value, dates etc.) I want one column to be a link that will either take you to the ‘tracker’ page for that project, with a consistent naming scheme, or if that page does not exist, will create it. Is this possible with coda?


Hi Miles

You’re not going to get exactly what you are requesting but there are different ways to achieve that.

A column can only be of one type, so either a link to a page, or a button to create a page. and store the link in the table. You can disable the button, so that if a page exists, the button cannot be pushed again. I have used this method quite a bit.

Nowadays I prefer to have my “page” as a canvas column inside the table. I find it more flexible.


Thanks for the quick reply Piet! The canvas idea might work. I want to have a heirarchical and editable to do list in the “page”. Ideally I’d also be able to pull out progress on these 'to-do’s to display progress. I’d also like to be able to create direct links to the ‘to-do’ canvas ‘page’ so that project managers can get straight to the tracker of their project. I’ll play around with this. Any tips would be great!



Hi Miles,

Have a look at this short video, it will hopefully trigger some ideas for you.

This is the doc that I mention:
It contains the basic building blocks that I have used in the doc in the video. It is all just views and filters… :wink:

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

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