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Hello! I’m new to coda from Notion, trying to build a simple GTD workflow where I would have a Projects ‘Page’ with subpage for each project. What I’m trying to have is a template for each project where it would contain a view of the ‘Tasks’ table, that would be filtered down to just the current Project (Project 1 in this case). My thinking is, that I could then, from a project have a list of tasks for that project, but then have them show up in my main Tasks table as I add new ones.

I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what formula I can use in the Project column to reference the name of the current note that the table view is inside. I thought that I would use the thisDocument.Name but I didn’t see that as a property on thisDocument. Can someone point me in the right direction of how to go about this in Coda? And how to do this in a ‘templatable’ way so it doesn’t need to be set up from scratch on each new subpage?

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Dear @Ryan_Dolan,

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If I understand your screenshots well, you mix up the “page/canvas” with the tables.
Pls. find below a sample table with projects and a table with tasks located on one page, to understand the way Coda is working.


Hi Jean, thanks for the reply. So I understand that I can have two tables like in your example.

My purpose in having a canvas as a column in the Projects table, is that when I have a new project, I often have context, i.e. information about the project… details around how I arrived at what tasks need to be done, etc. So being able to have my tasks within that canvas is important. Does that make sense?

Dear @Ryan_Dolan,

I have made an update in my sample for inspiration.
In the projects table, canvas column are all related tasks to this project + some sample content related to succeed the project or to be at convenience for the people working on the project.

Of course you can make it to your taste and filter out tasks “done”, or make a Trello like Kanban board if that is the style you prefer.

You will find the :construction_worker_man: Maker :building_construction: in yourself

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets - that is exactly what I was looking to do! Cheers!

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