How to create a unified task list that is filtered across rows in a tab?

We commonly want to use a table to manage projects, which then uses canvas columns as a way to keep track of notes about that project and action items / tasks.


You can see in the above screenshot there is a canvas columns for “Brief” and “Tasks”. “Brief” is setup to use a page within the doc as a template which gives us by default all the headings we need.

The problem is the “Tasks” column. What I’m looking to do is when a project is created (a row added to this table), the canvas column for “Tasks” has a table that is automatically filtered for this project/row. This way then, anyone who adds a project to the table, gets a default working space that’s easy for notes and tasks related to it.

I can then create another set of views that people on the team can see all their tasks across all projects in that table.
views in coda.

I can’t see any way to do this. It seems like such a common use case to want to do this.

Here are ways I thought of doing this:

  1. The tasks table has a formula that filters based on the document name. I can’t see any way to do this.

  2. Add a button or control to the page template, that when pressed, creates a table that is then filtered on “parent row”.

Neither of these seem possible…

Hi @tmchow,

How about keeping Tasks as a multi-lookup on Tasks (aka, subtable)?

From what I see, the unstructured data of the canvas can be kept in a different column (e.g. Tasks Info without affecting the UX perspective; i.e. opening the Task Info canvas you can still display the subtable Tasks as a different column visible as a table.

I hope this is clear. Otherwise if you can share your example I’ll try to show it there.

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Sorry not clear what you mean. Here is a link to a shared version you can edit.

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Hi @tmchow,

I slightly changed your implementation: this way you still have a relationships between project and its tasks, but you avoid a redundancy of multiple views (one per each canvas-row).

I also created a single “My Tasks” page, so that with a single page you dynamically show each owner’s tasks.

Let me know if it’s clearer.


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