Formula gurus, can you help? Clearing all other checks for a column when clicking on one row

I have a projects table and a tasks table and would like to filter the tasks to show for just one project at a time.

My thinking is to use a checkbox in the projects table which can then be used as the filter for tasks. I’ve done this already but the next part I’m not sure how to do. Is there a formula I can use for the checkbox (in the projects table) that will clear all the checkboxes for other rows, effectively creating a radial button selection.

The result would be, click the checkbox for that project and have it clear the checkboxes for all the other projects effectively show only the tasks in the tasks table that are related to that checked project. Does that make sense?

I think you may be going about this in a bit of an un-coda way.

There are two ways that might help:

  1. Filter a view of the tasks table, based on a dropdown control where you can select the project
  2. Use Coda’s ability to display lookup columns as embedded tables

Have a look here (different pages of this doc show different solutions):

I do have this type of filtering, just thought it would be a bit more elegant and potentially useful to have a projects table and tasks table on the same page and with one click filter the task for that one project.

You could definitely do that with your two tables and a button rather than a checkbox.

Have a button in each row that sets a control value to that project, then have your tasks table below be filtered off the control being set by the button.

Alternatively, you could have a lookup in your projects table that finds all the relevant tasks, then display that lookup column in the detail view as a table!

Let me know if you need an example doc thrown up or any clarification.

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Thanks, Scott. Not sure I understood all that but I’ll go through it while trying to build it. Don’t do an example doc…until I have to beg you. :smiley: I like to try it myself first.

Haha love it - you have the heart of a true rock climber, refusing any beta offered

Reach back out if you get stuck!

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