Easier way to filter table

How can I set up check boxes to filter the table? This is what I want to achieve:

1. I have a table with all projects (each row is a project)
2. I click the checkbox which will show me just the active projects (active = the project has already started but didn’t end yet)

But what happens now:

I have managed to fix it by using a list instead of a checkbox filter… but that is less user friendly:

How can I achieve what I want using checkbox filters?

Thank you!

Dear @Kars_Hamstra, welcome to the community!

You might want to check out this contribution of @Federico_Stefanato

Checkboxes: Dependent canvas checkboxes and improved checkbox table column type options

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Hi @Kars_Hamstra,

Welcome to the community!

This should just be a matter of creating the right filter formula for the table. In cases where you want to see the table by a certain aspect if true and want to see everything if false, there is a trick you can use to simply return true for everything for the false option.

For your table, a filter you could try is:

If([Choose Active] = true, Active? = true, true)

[Choose Active] would be the name of your canvas checkbox at the top. If that is checked, [Choose Active] = true , then show rows where Active? = true. Else if, [Choose Active] is not true then return all rows as true. The last true is really just saying return true for the filter so everything will show.