Issues with filtering rows based on checkboxes

Hi community,

I have this problem, dealing since yesterday with how to solve this thing:

I have a table with differente projects and I want to sum all the items with that category, and in another column to sum only if each row has a TRUE on its checkbox. Is like having different scenarios for the same budget.

I could sum all the items with the same project but I can’t realize how to add a “if” inside that formula, or if I have to change the formula.

Here is my formula:

[Per project].Filter(Iniciativa=thisRow.Iniciativa).Cost.Sum()

And here you can see my tables:

Any ideas? I feel Filtering is a very common problem, despite the documentation and the tutorial, I always have probles with this nice formula.


Dear @Cristian_Reynaga,

To get assistance it’s always recommended to share a dummy doc. This makes it easier to jump in and provide support

Here my dummy, thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for the suggestion:

Dear @Cristian_Reynaga,

You where already close as it the same formula as the “Total Cost” and added the condition “AND [Paid?]=true”

[Budget per Projects].Filter(Project=thisRow.Project AND [Paid?]=true).Cost.Sum()

It has been taken me also some effort to learn, but when you get it, the sky is the limit :rocket:

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Great! Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets, I did not realize that is possible to nest filters and conditions with a simple AND.

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