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I managed to make a custom filter for a table, but now it’s always filtering.
I put a checkbox next to it and I would like to filer only, if it’s checked.
How do I achieve this?

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Have you tried using the filter bar? It makes things a lot easier.

Dear Samuel,
thank you for your reply!
Yes, I know and tried it, but I need it there, because I will place it onto another page.

Got it. You can add something like this to the filter of your table:

Where Project is the column you’re filtering, and ProjectFilter is the select list.

This works almost perfect, thank you!
I have some rows with empty “Project”-s and they are not shown if I deselect the checkbox:

How could I solve that too?

Great! There’s probably a more elegant solution someone else can recommend, but I think adding in an OR() will work:

Let me know if this works for you!

Works perfectly, many thanks! :+1:

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