Somehome turned on a filter without knowing and can't turn it off


Hi All

I have somehow turned on a filter and I don’t know how I done it or how to get rid of it.

When I add a new row in my table, it has a yellow filter icon to the left of it, when you hover over it, it says:

“This row has been filtered out based on current values”

I’ve clicked the add filter button at the top and it looks as though no filters are in place, what is going on?


Dear @Juanmata,

Of course difficult to judge without having access to the doc.
From my own experience:

Did you check if there is a filter on hidden columns and or on the row properties columns like created by, edited on, created on or edited by.
Are you the only user of the doc, for example if another team member with equal access rights has created a filter you are not aware of.

Hopeful the above opens the door solving this un-pleasant case.



Funnily enough, I did create a column using created on / today date but I deleted it as I was just playing around, couldn’t quite work out the best route.

How is this still attached and where would I find it?



It appears to be on my whole project, I can’t add anything. arghhh


OK, so I came out of it, closed my tab and re-entered and it;'s now working.

This sounds like a bug?