Filter a Table with True False or All Values

I can easily set up a filter via formula to choose row in a table that have checkboxes with true or false, but what if I need within the options the ability to see all the rows that are both true or false in a multiple level filter? I am using a table with multiple selection and option to select dependent single rows:

I am using if for a task manager, so for example first I want to filter by domain (Personal, Work or both) then I want to filter for projects, for example if i choose Personal, the following filter will present only the personal projects, then what if I want to choose completed task, not completed, or both?

I tried a SwitchIf formula that if the selection filter is All Status, will keep all the already filtered rows, if it’s Show Complete will filter all true, if it’s Show Not Complete will filter all false)

I tried the syntax True AND False, and “” to see if using blank will get all result but it doesn’t seem to work. I can filter True or False, but not both. I end up with a blank table.

I really plan to extensively use this multiple booleans filters, but always keeping the function to see all results if I need to.

Can anyone have a suggestion on the right formula syntax?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Could you share a doc with an example of your desired output?

I have solved the problem: inside the filtering options of the SwitchIf if you want to see all results you need to use the OR for the “All status” set the syntax like that:

SwitchIf([Filter Table].[Filter By Completion]="All Status",thisRow.[Completed?] OR Not(thisRow.[Completed?]),[Filter Table].[Filter By Completion]="Completed",thisRow.[Completed?],[Filter Table].[Filter By Completion]="Not Completed",Not(thisRow.[Completed?]))

You Can Check the option in this doc

You’ll have to share the doc, I can’t see it

Still can’t see the formulas unfortunately, you’ll have to turn on copy doc or allow editing