Filter table in detail w/2 conditions 1 positive and 1 negative

I would like to filter a table in detail view so that it shows matching tags and does not show completed tasks. I’ve tried quite a few things, but each time I try to add the !=complete, it seems to return a boolean rather than a list…

I would appreciate any help that the community could offer!

Thank you,

Hey @Adam_Romary ,

I duplicated your lookup-column in your tag table and added the status filter. Make sure to edit formulas at the right place and to use correct syntax.

Best regards


Great, thank you!

I kept getting the wrong reference to status. This was the good one you gave me for reference. Syntax… I had parenthesis in the wrong spots on my attempts.

I still have a hard time understanding how I have to change the formula to get a something that “Outputs a list of rows” from a table vs. “Outputs a row”, and knowing when to use which…

image VS.

Filters return lists, as multiple rows/items can match the criteria, while formulas like “First()” and “Last()” return only one row/item.

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