Can someone please tell me what I am getting wrong

Hi Lads and Ladies

I just can’t seem to get my head around the concept of the formulas when referring to another table through a lookup. I’ve followed all of the formula videos online and I still think my formula should work, but it doesn’t.

My logic is:

Select The Checklist Table
Select Checklist item column in table, filter the records that have the “Task name” equivalent of this row’s Task name

However, it’s not working.

I don’t want the actual solution, I just want someone to tell me where my thinking for constructing formulas is wrong.

Please look at the CheckLISTS.Task Name in green inside () - you are pulling out entire column of values and comparing it to thisRow.TaskName.

hint: (as you dont want actual solution)
you already seem to have lookup setup on CheckLists that points back to Task table. if you think of filtering records on CheckLists table where TaskName matches with thisRow you would find a formula that works for your needs. ( when you have a lookup on a table, all values are basically a references to a row from source table like in your case on checkList table, Task Name column contains references to the row from Tasks table as you can see the rectangle around the value.)

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Ok…now I’m getting you.

I’ll try it today and let you know.

Thanks Krunal for not giving me the answer.

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I did it.

So how does Coda treat "."s?

I thought that my previous formula was telling it to look at the entire column but match the rows where the CHECKLIST.TASK NAME = THISTABLE.TASK NAME