A filter formula is driving me nuts

I can’t understand why the following formula doesn’t work

let’s say that I have two tables with 2 columns. First (display) column contains strings. second column of first table contains number. What I want is to filter first table using first column of both tables and obtain the number associated with a name as a result

I have tried both .filter() and .lookup(), although I would assume that lookup would be the advisable option. I also have tried to avoid the comparison between two display columns, copying Table1.name1 into Table1.name2. Finally, I have tried to force string conversion to display columns using ToText

Formulas used in Table2:

[Table 1].Lookup(name2, thisRow.name1)

[Table 1].filter(name2 = totext(thisRow.name1))

What is wrong with both of them?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hey @Pilar_Azagra
Your filter formula is just fine (although you don’t need the ToText part), the problem is that the names in table 1 starts with blank space so it’s different from the names in table 2 and therefore don’t get filtered correctly.

About the filter vs. lookup issue, see this post:


!!! you are totally right!!! THANKS a lot.

That culprit space had let me without options.

Now, given that Coda is mainly a no-code resource, such tiny details that are even less visible for no-coders greatly deserves clearer hints or expressions at formula’s editing space. Maybe to show spaces and control characters would be of great help for this long-tail situations…

You can use Trim and Lower to overcome this kind of problems.

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