Use formulas to filter out lines with checkboxes in a canvas

I just want to know if this is possible.

Lets say you have a Canvas in a table. Then in there you write text and add some checkboxes with some text.

I want to be able to, via a formula, outside the canvas, try to find these lines with checkboxes. Preferebly also be able to chose those with only one status, true or false.

This shall be used to create meeting notes and filter out todos over a longer period

Hi @Snorre_Lothar_von_Gohren_Edwin :blush: !

Maybe this could help you a little :innocent:

@Pch thanks for the suggestion! It got to work but it breakes connection to the items so one cannot use filtered items for a reference some where else.

Im also very curious how one debugs/finds once way down to this :smiley:

@Paul_Danyliuk want to share your thought pattern for some learning. I have tried to figure out how one accesss this data and can come down to this approach, but I struggled :smiley:

@Pch @Paul_Danyliuk any thoughts on this :smiley:

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