Extract checked checkboxes from a column

I have a canvas column with checkboxes. I wonder if there is a way to extract only the uncheked/checked.
Could you please advice :pray:

Dear @Anastasija_Giberte, welcome to the Coda Maker Community :building_construction:

A work around to simulate like you filter from the canvas is as in the sample below:
If you like it, just copy the sample and start to play around with it to see if it meets your use-case:

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Hey @Anastasija_Giberte , welcome to the Community!

I did this previously with text columns. I don’t think I documented the most recent solution (after editor update) in the Community though. The old trick here won’t work, even though the principle is the same.

Canvas column exposes less information than a text column though, so I’m not sure if it’s possible. I need to check though.

P.S. Here you go.

Note that I’m not doing anything cool with indenting. E.g. if you have nested checklist items, it will not smartly resolve incomplete parent items or such. It will simply filter for lines that are checked/unchecked and combine those together:


Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets and @Paul_Danyliuk! This is what I needed, I will definitely play with it.

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