Access Checklist info inside a canvas

Hi There !
I’d like to know if there is anyway to access checklist information inside a canvas ?
The idea is to be able to access true/false information, considering the the canvas only includes checklist. Getting the number or row in the canvas is OK, but I’m blocking at considering that the checkbox is checked… I even tried to get to compare string with some character() function, but not working obviously !

This is to be noted that i dont want to use checkbox column of atable !


Thanks in advance !

Hey Quentin, thanks for posting this question here. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s currently possible to reference the true/false information of a checklist in a canvas column. Data in a canvas isn’t considered to be structured, the way data within cells of a table is - so Coda can’t yet assess the data in the way you’re hoping.

It’s possible there’s some workaround that might get you to the same conclusion, though. Can I ask why you don’t want to use the checkbox column of a table?

@Paul_Danyliuk havent you accomplished this?

Yep, I think I posted it here (I’m on mobile though)


It’s absolutely perfect ! Thank you master @Paul_Danyliuk , and thanks also @Scott_Collier-Weir for spotting my wish :wink:

Hi @Lena_Webster ! Thanks for your answer. Of course I do master checkbox as column, but in that use case, I wanted to avoid to add several rows for each mastertask, that would require to use « group » per project.

In this case, I have a master task (that is already linked to a project), and those checklist will be subtask of the master task.

And in this case the use of showed canvas was kinda sexy !!
Then I needed @Paul_Danyliuk tips to track canvas checklist with progress bar :wink:

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