Checkbox Bulleted List - Ability to show a filtered view of just those unchecked?

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I’m sure there’s multiple ways to solve for this but I couldn’t find a solution in the gallery with my searches and hoping to leverage the collective brainpower here!

Problem to Solve:
We have a running list of meetings for a project of which there are clear actions identified from each meeting. Is there an easy way to surface those in a single filtered view if we’re tracking the actions as a bulleted checkbox list in a row for each meeting?

Example here, is there a way to filter just the highlighted (i.e. unchecked items)?

Other suggestions on supporting such if no path this route?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Heather_Gomez1 ,

what you can do is create an additional column that checks if all check boxes are checked or not and filter on that column. You have to apply a bit of JSON. Steps in the blog below.

However an easier way is just one row and one checkbox, than everything is simple again.

Cheers, Christiaan

@Christiaan_Huizer thanks for the reply and the share of the blog post. It was very easy to follow and got me half way there!

I’m not able to filter out those rows where everything is checked in that one column. Is there a way to apply this logic to showing just the unchecked item for the remaining rows when there are some check and unchecked in a given row?

Here’s what’s displaying now in the Outstanding Action Items table after applying the steps in your blog post at the Meeting Tracker table. Ideally, it would be just that last highlighted item that would display in that Outstanding Action Items view.

Thank you again for the assistance. Super easy to follow!

hi @Heather_Gomez1 ,
thanks for the compliment. We not often need this kind of logic and so I try to write for my future self that forgot already what happened previously :wink:

Via the function below you check if all items are checked in the column named Notes

You use this column in your table filter:

Note: you cannot filter out on items living in the canvas column.

hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

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Hi @Heather_Gomez1, can we consider this issue as solved?
merci for your feedback, cheers, christiaan

Yes we can @Christiaan_Huizer . Thank you again.

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