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Hi Guys,

This is my first time to post a query here and I would appreciate any suggestions to help me with my problem. My aim seems simple but I have been doing some research and tests with no luck.

Situation: I have multiple projects (e.g. Project 1 to Project 10) and each Project has a checklist column that varies.

Say if I select Project 1, it will show the below table:


If I select Project 2, it will show the below table:


In other words, the Task column is constant while the Complete column changes according to project selected.

Anyone know how to achieve this?


Neil S.

Hi @Neil_Sipe and welcome to coda community !

The first thing you may think of is to create one column per project, like this
but this is clearly not the best thing !!!, as you may want to add project, and so on, and because this is more complicated to deal with column rather than with rows

What I suggest is to create a project table, and to refer to it in your checklist table using lookups like this

Then, you can manually create your set of Tasks for each project like this, and then use filter or group by functionnality


Or even better (see the embed doc below :wink: ), automate this considering the set of task is the same for each project :smiley: . By clicking this master button, you will run through the different project, and for each project, it will click an inline button that will create a row in Checklist database with every tasks, for each project :wink:


Please let me know what you think !

Cheers Q.

Edit :

Inline button formula :

Master Button Formula

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@Quentin_Morel you are a legend! Just what I have been looking for. Thank you very much!

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Hi @Neil_Lavitt ! Please be my guest ! Enjoy then !


I looked at your profile and saw some useful coda tricks. I wished it had a subscribe button so I get an update every time you have a new coda trick :smiley: very helpful!

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Wow that’s a great comment to read @Neil_Sipe thanks !
Working on community and for client I’ve had less time for this blog, but I’m thinking about improving it in the near future yes ! Thanks for support !

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