Modifying the "repeating checklist" Template

Hello Community!

I found this template for applying a set of tasks to a project that can then be pulled into a table, gnatt chart or detailed view.

I need help on how to modify the equations so that I can just press the “apply checklist” button and it will auto-populate a single master checklist of items (instead of how this template is applying grouping of tasks depending on the project type - I currently only have one master that maybe eventually we break up into groups)

I am particularly having trouble modifying the “Formula Map” and then how to set-up the task lists so that I can pull the table into a detailed view, like in the image below.

I created a mock document of data here:

Thank you!!

Hi Gillian! Taking a look at your sample doc. Just to clarify, are you wanting the same tasks to populate for each project?

Hi @Charlotte_Espeland,

Yes! I just want the same list of master tasks applied to each project

Hi @Gillian_Raikes,

I checked out your sample doc and added a few things to show how this can work. Here are a couple notes on what I edited to make this happen.

The subtable in the detail view requires another table to pull in rows from. This is really a column with a formula that filters the new table down to any rows assigned to this project. This new table is “Subtasks Table”.

Now with the FormulaMap() in your button, it uses the “Subtasks Template” and goes through each row and adds it to the “Subtasks Table” with the assigned Project.

Give it a try and let me know if it’s doing what you wanted it to do.