Auto Filtering Tasks Formula

I currently have a table for Projects, and a table for tasks that belong to their appropriate project.

My goal is to have a formula that only shows the tasks that belong to its appropriate project. I want to be able to copy pasta the formula in every project table’s filter so that it only shows its specific tasks.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Yousef_AlMufti and welcome to the community :person_raising_hand:

Coda is the perfect tools, and lookups will be your friend

First, start to create your two databases

In your tasks db, create a lookup column refering to projects db, it will allow you to select an existing project for each tasks

Create a new column in your project database to acticvate the association with referenced by. Then you will be able to get data from tasks in your project database


This is now automatic as you can see


There several display option, like this one, or maaaaaaaany others !

Please let me know if this is OK for you ?



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