To Do List generalization

We currently use several To-Do list in one of our documents, and the To Do lists have team members assigned to each of the tasks. So how can I create one To Do list where it gets all information of the several To do list, filtered by the name it was assigned to?

Table1, table 2, table 3

Cool Table: The tasks assigned to team member are
-task 1 from table 2
-task 2 from table 3

Hopefully its easy to understand. Any help appreciated

Hi Hector, great question!

Is there a reason that you have your tasks split up between tables, versus one master task table with filtered views? Adjusting your schema should be the easiest way to approach this, though I’m happy to continue brainstorming with you.


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Sounds like you’d be better off doing it the other way around: Create one table with all the data, then replace the individual tables with a filtered view of the master table.


Thanks for replying. Reason I have different tables, is because there are several different projects that we are working on, so I cant mix the tables together. And my idea was to give all participants of the projects a summary of their todo list, that includes all the different tables that we are working on. What do you guys think?

Dear @Hector_Carzuga,

It’s recommended to have all projects in one table, with a column with the label of your project names.

Then when creating a view of this table and putting a filter with the project of your choice you will get a view showing only the specific project.

The above you can repeat according your needs and you will always have to update the main table and the views will be always up to date accordingly.

Does this make sense


Thanks! Will follow the recommendation. Thank you all

Dear @Hector_Carzuga,

I assume this learning section will be of your interest.