A summary list of tasks from multiple projects

We use coda.io to organize the works in our company.

For each project we create a separate document. We strictly follow the logic of “1 project - 1 document”. Different employees have access to different projects.
Each document necessarily contains a “Tasks” table with an “Assignee” attribute.

We would like to make two lists for each employee:
1. “Projects” - automatically updated list of projects available to the current user
2. “Tasks” - an automatically updated list of tasks (of all available projects), for which the current user is selected as an executor.

We can use API to create a personal document for each employee which contains these two lists, or use external tools to use them as a board.

Is it possible to implement such behavior by standard means of coda.io, and if yes, how?

Hey there!

Would you be willing to abandon your logic of “1 project, 1 document”

Potentially - you would have a lot to gain if you did. If not, using Cross-doc sounds like your best bet


+1 what @Scott_Collier-Weir mentioned.

We offer the Cross-doc pack to sync to display tables between docs.

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We are not ready to abandon this logic.

For each project, we define employees who have access to edit project pages. I’m not sure that combining all documents into one with fine-tuned access settings is a good idea.

I am aware of the existence of the cross-document feature. However, as far as I know, it will allow me to create a copy of one table in multiple documents.

That way, I can have N tables in my summary document:

  1. Tasks from Project A
  2. Tasks from Project B

And I still don’t understand how to merge them into one common table.

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